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4 Ways Online Slots Are Evolving

Slots have always been widely popular among gaming fans. They are simple to play, there are hundreds to choose from in almost any theme, and they cater to low stakes and small bankrolls. Thanks to RTP percentages averaging 94%, but in some cases as high as 98-99%, they can be profitable often enough to keep players interested, even if they don’t break even every time they play.

Slots went through a major revolution when they switched from mechanical to electronic machines, and again when computers made video slots possible. As online gaming took off, the advance of technology sparked another trend. Slots moved out of the cabinet and onto the computer screen. Gaming technology continues to evolve, and slots are likewise undergoing another major shift. Here are 4 current trends that online slots enthusiasts will find interesting:

They Look Less Slot-Like

Modern online slots titles are a far cry from the three reels with one payline, adorned with fruit symbols, that began the industry more than 120 years ago. Digital reels come in all shapes and sizes, and paylines have multiplied by dozens or even disappeared completely. Some online NZ slots for real money calculate wins by the number of matching symbols in a clump, like video games; others use drop-down boxes and exploding reels.

Gamification is the buzzword: instead of traditional reels, many slots are developing a video-game feel. Detailed animations and soundtracks, stunning graphic backdrops for different sections of gameplay and increased personalisation options are all part of the process.

They Offer Better Challenges

Gamification also extends to the details of slots gameplay. Instead of just pushing the buttons to watch the reels spin, players must apply skill to interactive bonus features, much as they do in video games. eSports, which are team computer role-playing games in fantasy digital environments, are already huge live events, accompanied by online live-streaming and betting.

If slots are going to continue to attract new online gamers from the younger generation, they need to develop in the eSports direction. Random spins might still unlock big wins, but player engagement will rely on the game-like nature of bonus features.

You Can Take Them Anywhere

Mobile slots are the second-biggest news in the latest digital slots trends. People take their smartphones and tablets everywhere and use them for entertainment whenever the mood takes them.

It makes sense that modern gaming developers will code a new slots title for mobile browsers and apps before they focus on a desktop/laptop version. The HTML5 platform also provides major scope for faster, more complex mobile slots play.

Play In A Virtual Universe

Virtual Reality gaming has already taken the fancy of a New York Times writer, which suggests the technology has finally left the realm of sci-fi. Techstory agrees that VR will revolutionize the way we play games and interact, so it’s the number-one innovation to watch.

Today, players can enjoy VR casinos online via headsets like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Mobile VR. Once the technology is affordable and commonplace, the sky is the limit for slots. Players will be able to enjoy all the graphics, spins and bonus games while fully immersed in the slot’s environment.

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