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5 Roulette Strategies That Actually Work

In gambling, nothing is certain. This fact rings true even in the case of roulette, which many people believe to be a wholly luck-based game. Although it is true that the final destination of the ball on the wheel decides a player’s win or loss, there are a number of strategies that can be employed to help your chances.

Whether you at a real casino or popping into the top online casinos at Casinopedia, strategies can influence how much and how often you win. Sure, there are countless websites out there that promise the naïve player all manner of “sure-fire” ways to beat the house, but how many of them actually work?

Before we get on to the strategies themselves, let’s define the point of them. First and foremost, if successfully put into practice, they’ll help you to stay on top of your bankroll and optimize your chances of winning in the short-term.

Most successful strategies will have you making large bets to earn small rewards – for example, staking higher wagers after losses and doing so until you win. So popular is this method that it has been christened a progressive strategy.

Let’s break down some of the most popular and proven progressive roulette strategies.

1. Martingale roulette system

In keeping with the strategy outlined above, this system – also sometimes called the “double up method” – will have you raising your bets following losses until you manage to win.

The Martingale method is typically used across the reds and blacks, but if you work out the right progression, you can employ it over the whole table.

When you finally hit that elusive win, revert to the beginning and start making your initial – small – wager again.

This system has its pros and its cons. Using it means that although you’ll have more wins than losses, the former will be small and the latter will be big. Therefore, you’ll need to use it wisely.

2. Reverse Martingale

As its name suggests, this system works in the opposite way to the Martingale method. So, instead of increasing your bets after losses, you will raise them following wins.

The reasoning behind this is that it can allow you to ride out a winning streak at the same time as maintaining lower-value losses on losing runs. Avoid using it across the wider table, though; staking wagers on repeaters isn’t practical.

3. D’Alembert roulette system

For beginners confident at the rules of the game, this is the strategy that most roulette experts would recommend. Like the Martingale method, it requires that you raise the value of your bets when you lose, but to a much smaller extent. It is therefore recognized as relatively safe.

To put the D’Alembert roulette system to effective use, you must raise your bet from the amount you started on after every time you lose. And then, when you have won as many times as you have lost, you should have made a profit.

That being said, its low-risk quality means that you’re unlikely to ever win big using the D’Alembert method.

4. Labouchere roulette system

This is where things started to become a little more complicated. Often called the cancellation method, the Labouchere system calls for you to decide on your rules of play before gameplay begins. This means making a very early decision on such matters as gameplay duration and how much you’ll be betting.

It’s worth nothing that this can’t be used all over the table, allowing you only to bet red vs. black and odd vs. even. It is also even chance.

5. James Bond roulette system

By far the coolest-sounding roulette strategy, the James Bond system covers the 0 slot and around two thirds of the rest of the table. Used by 007 himself in the novel series, this method – unlike some of the others mentioned above – is not another progressive system.

Instead, it focuses on flat betting – that is, betting the same amount of money each time – and covers the whole table. But because it’s a flat betting method, this system does mean that you won’t overcome the odds.

For instance, if you make 37 bets at the roulette wheel, typical odds suggest that you would lose around £20. There is a certain degree of risk involved and you are likely to lose, but if you win, you win big.

The bottom line

It’s worth reiterating that when it comes to gambling, very few things are certain. Hopefully, this article has shown you that roulette tells a similar story. However, we also hope that you’ve learned some useful strategies to help you swing the balance in your favour.

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