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All About The Loyalty Bonus

Most casino players are familiar the many types of bonuses that are offered to new players. These can include sign-up, welcome, and match bonuses, and each comes with its own benefits and payouts. They also tend to differ depending on the casino in question; some may offer a no deposit bonus, while others may want a specific amount to be deposited before the bonus can be activated.

Whatever the case, most bonuses available from casinos are done so to entice newer players to join up. But what about those veteran players who are looking for something a little more long-term? The answer is the loyalty bonus.

Regular Player Rewards

Not all casinos offer loyalty bonuses, but the ones that do are often worth being a part of for a long time. A loyalty bonus is designed to reward those that have remained loyal to a specific casino, with rewards being handed out over long periods of time, sometimes years. The longer that a player remains with their casino, the more they have a chance to earn it’s a win-win for both the player and the casino: the player earns free rewards, while the casino retains one of their most valuable customers.

A loyalty bonus usually works through a points system. Either through a certain amount of hours spent at the casino, or by the amount of games that the player has invested in. The more they invest in money or hours, the more points they are awarded. It works similarly to a “frequent flyers” club, where the player earns on-site currency for their loyalty, which can then be used for other means. This kind of system is employed at most online casinos, ranging from Blackjack online Canada casinos to Australian and British, too.

Choose Your Bonus

In terms of rewards, it depends on the casino’s policy, but generally speaking the player has a few different options. Some may allow the player to exchange the points directly for bonus cash, which they can either invest back into their games, or in some cases, draw out into their bank accounts. Players can also trade in their points for free spins on their favourite slot or roulette table. Casinos are getting more creative with what loyalty points can be spent on, but they’re all in place to benefit the player that has invested their time, money, and effort into that specific casino.

The amount of points earned by the player can vary widely, and depends completely on their casino’s loyalty program’s policies. If slot games are the main focus for that site, then players are more likely to earn more points for playing slots, while table games may earn only half as many points. Interested players will need to navigate through the site they are using to find the page that explains the loyalty program that they’re interested in – where they can learn the rules, how it works, the rewards, and the amount of points that can be earned through various means.

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