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Forming the best horse racing tips

It’s primarily seen as a positive to recognise so many different markets for betting on horse racing through bookmaker websites, but even with so many races to bet on, it can be extremely difficult to identify the best horse racing tips. Being able to pick and choose which horses you fancy over a given day is far from easy, especially as you’ll be backing these bets with your own money, so it makes sense to take your time and think logically before placing any bets.

The bookie price of the horse you’re looking to bet on is understandably important, but you can’t reliably base your bet on what odds the bookmakers are providing. Not only can this be damaging to your bet through being so big that you’re tempted to back it regardless of its chances, but it can also give you too much confidence over the horse’s chances if the odds are extremely short, meaning that you’d always be best doing your own research and only backing bets on outcomes that you genuinely believe in.

Betting on horse racing

Any viable horse racing tipster will tell you that you’d be foolish to back any bet on a horse that you don’t expect will win the race you’re betting on. It becomes an irresponsible way of choosing your bets if you’re practically picking horses at random, and you’ll only be able to find the best horse racing tips that stand a chance of landing if you look into the statistics and form surrounding each horse that you predict to win.

As for where you can go for pre-made racing tips for today with all of the criteria you’d want from a solid bet, The Winners Enclosure offer an extensive array of bets on a daily basis. Making your own horse betting tips isn’t quite so simple, which is why so many punters refer to a trusted source such as TWE. It’s possible to come up with your own horse bets with just as much reasoning behind every selection if you back up why you think it will win with facts and figures. Failing to do this will put your bet down to chance, which makes it far less likely to finish in your favour.

Other factors to consider for your own horse bets

How you’re choosing to bet - Before even considering which horses you’re looking to bet on, you need to work out which market you’ll be using for your horse tip. It could be by merely selecting whether you’re backing your horse to win or to place and anticipating if your bet would be better suited under something more advanced like a Lucky 15 market.

Who you’re betting with - Although we’ve partly ruled out the uses for the odds, it is important that you back your bet with the best odds on the market, so it would always be advised to compare your bet with every available bookie in order to assure the strongest price.

When you’re placing your bet - Picking the right time is something that you should think about as long as it doesn’t impact the time you’re taking to pick a good horse. By placing your bet on the same day as it runs, you could take the best guaranteed odds with some bookies, but in choosing to back it on an Ante Post Basis, you could get a stronger price, leaving both options as being equally as worthwhile.

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