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Why Is Dark Souls So Popular?

The Dark Souls franchise has an ominous reputation, often referred to as the most challenging game series in history. Fans laugh about the unending frustration the games create, how enormous and difficult the boss enemies are to beat, and how rage is a common emotion with regular players. But why then are the Dark Souls games so incredibly popular?

It is a rather curious situation, given that most modern video games are, by default, unchallenging to say the least. What is it then about a game having a reputation for difficulty that has made it so popular?

Declining Video Game Difficulty

In the vast majority of cases, game difficulty has been steadily declining and with the advent of the online betting NZ has to offer, simplicity is key in almost every arena. Given that so many players around the world are likely to play a video game, the difficulty must be kept to a steady, moderate level, ensuring that no player is left feeling utterly beaten. The overall result is that video games are often too easy, and finished in record times, even by those unfamiliar with modern video game mechanics.

Of course, few gamers in the modern era wish to feel that a game is overly difficult, or frustratingly difficult, so it makes sense to keep video games as accessible as possible. But, there is also a counter dilemma that has unintentional been created; skilled players are feeling ever more unchallenged. In other words; for those who have been playing video games for years, or even decades, games have been feeling far too easy for a long time.

Is Dark Souls So Hard?

Dark Souls was created as an answer to rapidly declining video game difficulty, giving skilled gamers a franchise to really sink their teeth into. As such, the Dark Souls franchise has earned a reputation for being where skilled gamers can go for a real challenge.

But, is Dark Souls really so difficult? It has a question that has been asked before, and the answer to the question may come a surprise. Not really, it’s a game that wants players to succeed. But, it also wants them to understand why they are succeeding.

The Dark Souls Formula

It’s true that Dark Souls is difficult, but not as many assume. The game is, for the most part, similar to many other action third person games. The difference with Dark Souls is that it does not always offer challenge simply terms of escalating numbers, or increased enemy strength.

Instead, Dark Souls offers difficulty in how players are required to approach enemies. For example, attacking some enemies head on may not be the best way to deal with them. But Dark Souls does not advertise this, instead it let’s players figure it out on their own. So, by simply sidestepping, as opposed to charging head first, a once difficult enemy becomes easily manageable.

Dark Souls is a difficult game regardless, by the average measure of difficulty in modern video games. This is, however, exactly what player shave come to expect from the game, making it a deservedly popular franchise with skilled gamers.

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